As an organisation we are focused on servicing the needs of customers, providing an enjoyable and sustainable environment for our workers and ensuring our operations have minimal negative impact on the environment.

We have grown to our present status on principles of trust, integrity and concern for customers, suppliers, employees and the environment and as such we conduct our activities in a manner consistent with these principles and in such a way that all who are associated with us are proud to be such.

These principles are related in our purpose, vision and values:


We exist to deliver value for money product and service solutions relative to the specific and sensitive needs of our customers.


To continually enhance our capability in order to sustain our ability to deliver value for money product and service solutions to customers.


  • Maintaining trusted relationships with customers, suppliers and employees
  • Delivering excellent products and services
  • Conducting ourselves with honesty and integrity and treating everyone with respect
  • Including, empowering, supporting and developing our employees
  • Encouraging continuous improvement and innovation
  • Supporting and contributing to the Australian community

The organisation takes its broader obligations as a responsible corporate citizen very seriously. It devotes significant resources to non-commercial activities to reflect these obligations and the Executive Teams’ commitment to them.

Outside of this we also commit hold a standing commitment with many charities including the Commando Welfare Trust and The SAS Resources Fund.

Commando Welfare Trust

The Commando Welfare Trust has been created to support both initial emergency funding and then long term financial requirements of families in times of hardship where existing funding or grants or entitlements no longer provide support.

The SAS Resources Fund

The Special Air Service Resources Trust is a perpetual Trust fund which provides relief to current and former members of the Australian Special Air Service (SAS) Regiment and their dependents, who become deceased or disabled in or as a result of operational service or in training.


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