Platypus Outdoors Group is as unique as the animal that we derive our name from.

For 28 years we have been operating as a manufacturer and supplier of military and law enforcement goods in Melbourne, Australia.

Since the late 1980’s the company has evolved from simple pouch and clothing modifications in the rear of our retail store in Melbourne CBD to the early 90’s employing over 20 machinists manufacturing clothing and load carriage systems to Australian Defence Force (ADF), UK Ministry of Defence (UKMOD) and New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF). Concurrently we were sourcing US and UK made clothing, packs, sleeping systems and footwear for the ADF and location specialist police units.

As a result of the rapid deployment to East Timor of Australian troops in the late 1990s we found ourselves inundated with requests from soldiers wanting to supplement their issued equipment with ours. This increased demand for the private purchase of our equipment lead to the Platatac™ brand being created. Through this brand we are now known throughout the world for our clothing and nylon goods.

As we moved into the new Millennium and the beginning of The War in Afghanistan we commenced contract work with Defence Material Organisation (DMO) for the first time to provide Extreme Cold Weather (ECW) clothing including our own garments and sourced insulated wear from Snugpak.

From here our main focus was to provide the Australian Government with fit for purpose equipment which included load carriage options, clothing, protective wear and footwear.

By 2004 our Australian manufacturing requirement had outgrown our Melbourne CBD location, at this time we began construction on a 928 m facility to house our production, design, warehousing, dispatch and corporate sales teams.

By the late 2000’s we had become a go-to manufacture for the Australian Defence Force and local police units allowing us to build an overseas manufacturing network to meet larger volume orders with facilities in the United Kingdom, the United States, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Sweden, New Zealand and China.

16 years on we now are engaged in a number of large contracts with bother Federal and State Governments which include the provision of safety apparel, personal load bearing systems, weapons carriage systems and a range of high performance clothing and footwear (including the ADF combat boot and the RAN GP jacket). We are also engaged with supplying international military and police units with equipment.

To date we have supplied millions of pieces of equipment to the Commonwealth Government which has positioned us as a key supplier in Australia for all future projects within our field.

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