Sri Lanka

Due to the globally competitive nature of our industry, it is extremely difficult for an Australian manufacturer to compete if 100% of the manufacturing is conducted in Australia.


With a desire to succeed and a willingness to invest, we enhanced our manufacturing capability by establishing our own manufacturing facility in Sri Lanka. Prior to undertaking this challenge, we assessed our options and concluded Sri Lanka was the right location for us given the extensive experience we had gained over many years of sub-contracting work in that geographical area. Our average annual production capacity in our Sri Lanka facility is over 1.5 million completed items and our staffing levels are between 90 and 400 depending on customer orders.


We now have a large network of suppliers in Sri Lanka and understand the Sri Lankan culture and have detailed knowledge of their overall capability. This decision has since proven to be advantageous resulting in an increase in customer orders with a faster turnaround time. Given our existing workload and the requirements of our various customers (in terms of volume, speed of delivery, and value for money), we felt that the time was right to invest in and establish a permanent presence in Sri Lanka.


We still proudly manufacture the majority of our technical products in Australia and indeed, all our Design and Development is conducted locally. The Sri Lanka approach still allows us to maintain full control of the end result freeing-up our Sri Lankan arm to concentrate on volume manufacturing.


Sri Lanka provides us cost effective facility with the ability to support large orders or surge capacity, supporting the dedicated Research and Development, Design, and short run production staff here in Australia.


United States


Blue Force Gear

We are currently having BFG laser cut Helium Whisper pouch backers and purchasing Ultracomp fabric for manufacturing. Having this partnership and access to Helium Whisper allows us to reduce the weight of our pouches by up to 60%.

Blade Tech Industries

For many years we have worked closely with Blade Tech to produce build to order for the Australian Defence Force, State and Federal Police.


RINGS – Blueguns

As the Australian Defence Force uses weaponry unique only to them we have been needed to work closely with Blueguns over the years to design and produce Blueguns to match the in service weaponry. This has also allowed us to create unique training aids found nowhere else in the world.


United Kingdom



We have been working closely with Snugpak for over 20 years now and in that time we have been contracted to provide ECW garments to the Australian Defence Force, State and Federal Police Units. In this time we have also developed many insulated garments with Snugpak to meet end user requirements.


Offshore other

Whilst we manufacture in Australia and Sri Lanka, we have the added flexibility of leveraging other manufacturers in China to produce technical, non-nylon product. Depending on the nature of the required product (i.e. complexity in materials, components and production process) we have the ability to manufacture in China and integrate the part into our products or sell as is.

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