Mr. Ben Doyle-Cox: Chief Executive Officer (CEO):

Mr Doyle-Cox is the founder of Platypus Outdoors Group, starting his career specialising in military personal equipment in 1988. In 28 years, Mr Doyle-Cox has built a brand which is widely known throughout Australia (and abroad) and is very much the first choice for special operations personnel. Mr Doyle-Cox is an experienced designer with the highest level of understanding when it comes to configuration management and equipment integration. Testimony to this is Mr Doyle-Cox’s recent invitation to provide a presentation on Personal Soldier Systems Integration at the world renowned Harvard University in Boston, USA.

Whilst Mr Doyle-Cox holds the title of CEO, he is very hands-on in terms of product development and particularly, he has a passion for assisting customers with a key emphasis on the Australian Defence Force.

Mr Doyle-Cox has played an active extracurricular role in supporting Australia’s Special Forces Trust Funds by generously contributing funds and in-kind contribution wherever possible.

Mr. Ryan Aitken: Military Special Projects Manager:

Mr Aitken has been with the company for over 15 years and has become the resident specialist in dealing with Government requirements. As an ex ADF member with 15 years’ service, Mr Aitken has hands on experience as a result of operational deployments to East Timor and the Solomon Islands.

Mr Aitken’s current active role at the military coal-face provides an unparalleled insight into the equipment needs of the Australian war fighter, he is currently managing the RAN cold weather jacket contract which includes various other garments.

Mr Aitken has a trade background upon which he draws in his capacity as project manager allowing him to maintain a practical focus from the point of design concept through to final delivery and ongoing test and evaluation.

Mr Aitken has gained qualifications in:

  • Responding to high level government tenders.
  • Staff management
  • Sales forecasting and budgeting.
  • Product development
  • Problem solving

Mr. Beau Mooney: Field Specialist – Police and Emergency services

Beau Mooney is a Contract Management Specialist having gained experience with the Victoria States Sport Centres Trust; he is well versed in Governance, Risk Management and Compliance. With qualifications in Project Management and experience in the Design and Development of Personal and Technical Equipment for use by Military and Police; Beau also manages the PLATYPUS business relationships with Overseas Equipment Managers (OEM’s). In doing so, he maintains a comprehensive understanding of world leading technologies as they relate to the Law Enforcement and/or Warfighting individual. Beau is the right choice to provide close-support and manage the requirements of our diverse customer group, as he has been a key Developer at PLATYPUS and worked with various OEMs to deliver a number of solutions into the Australian Defence and Law Enforcement space

Mr. Dushan Ambawatta: Production Manager:

Mr Ambawatta has been associated with manufacturing for most of his life. His parents owned a factory in Sri Lanka where he worked to learn the art of design and production and at the age of 17 became a manufacturing supervisor.

In the past 24 years, Mr Ambawatta has gained an enormous amount of experience and knowledge and he also has formal qualifications including;

  • Diploma in Clothing and Footwear Manufacturing;
  • Certificate IV - Business Management;
  • Accreditation in Advanced Pattern Making and Grading; and
  • Certified in “Fashion in Clothing”

Mr Ambawatta’s career has taken him to design and manufacturing facilities all over the globe; his exposure has resulted in a vast network of contacts and he maintains obvious skills in manufacturing, all of which make him the perfect fit as production manager for the company.

Mrs. Helen Nass: Director of Administration:

Mrs Nass possesses 34 years of experience in Office Administration Management and is responsible for all aspects of the company’s administration and overseas important functions which include:

  • Accounts payable and Receivable; 
  • Information Systems Management;
  • Customer Service;
  • Human Resources; and
  • Procurement.

Mrs Nass’s experience includes 20 years at ESKOM (a South African electricity public utility), where her last position was as a call centre manager with 16 direct reports. Upon emigrating to Australia, she had various roles in Customer Service and as an Office Manager.

Mrs Nass possesses qualifications in Customer Service and Management and has a wealth of experience in Office Management, Contract Management Support and Customer Service.

Her knowledge, expertise, experience and acquired skills place her as a key contributor to our company.

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